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Force Impending

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  1. Friction: Basic Applications Example 2, page 2 of 2 The fourth equation comes from the condition of impending slip at point A, because if slip is just about to occur, then the friction force, f A, is at its maximum value, which is A N A: f A f A-max A N A = ()N A .
  2. The frictional force F that can result between two surfaces without having the surfaces slide relative to each other (Static Friction) is bounded by the equation:where N is the normal force to the surface, and μ s is the static coefficient of friction.. The frictional force F that results when two surfaces are sliding on each other (Kinetic Friction)is proportional to the normal force applied.
  3. Impending motion of upper surface of wedge A relative to the upper jaw of the clamp (The wedge is just about to slip out from the jaws of the clamp.) Because of symmetry, the normal force N and friction force f acting on the bottom of the wedge are given the same variable names as those on the top. The friction force .

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